Features of WordPress Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting

Server environment is tuned specifically for WordPress and only WordPress.

Fully Managed and Upto Date WordPress Websites

We take care of updates to your core files and plugins.


Our specially optimised WordPress Hosting System stores your WordPress website into a server-side cache which reduces the load on your account, while serving the information quickly to your visitors without the need of a plugin.

Daily S3 Backups

Need a Backup? Our WordPress Hosting package is prepared for that by creating daily backups of your account on Amazon S3 Servers for 60 days. No need to use Backup plugins that use your storage space while slowing down your site during the backup process.

Pure SSD Drives

Pure SSD Drives are installed on all servers, which has become the new standard in WordPress Web Hosting. SSD Drives has no moving mechanical parts, and can process information 100 times faster than standard hard drives, which means your site will load quicker for your visitors and search engines.

Brute Force Protection

WordPress websites are Brute Forced attacked everyday. Our WordPress Hosting accounts are configured to stop WordPress related Brute Force Attacks and XML-RPC attacks. Strong security practices can prevent such issues in both cases.

Free Migrations

Yes, We offer free migrations for your WordPress website or websites. All we need is access information to your current hosting account.

Nginx & PHP-FPM

All WordPress Hosting accounts use the fast and secure Nginx (pronounced “Engine X”) web server, and the recently released PHP7 to accelerate the delivery of your content, including dedicated RAM and CPU.

Monthly Statistics

To track your performance, We will send out monthly reports to let you track your WordPress Websites performance.

Malware Scanning & Removal

WordPress Hosting accounts are scanned daily for Malware and removed upon detection. Malware removal also occurs during the migration process to your new account.

Fast and Optimised

We also optimize your database to maximize the performance of your account, and apply any known security patches. We also have a team that is trained to support any specific WordPress issues.


Dedicated Hosting


It's our Biggest Focus - so you never have to worry

  • 24/7 - PAID Tickets support
  • Sys-Admin Level Support Staff
  • Minimal Response & Resolution Time
  • Largest Support Team in the Business
Dedicated Hosting


Robust Architecture with 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed!

  • State-of-the-art Datacenter.
  • Branded Hardware & Xeon® Processor.
  • Secured Firewall Protection.

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